Interviewing comedian DJ Pryor at Podcast Party 2019.

Movers & Thinkers

I launched Nashville Public Radio’s first podcast, Movers & Thinkers, in 2015, interviewing fascinating Nashvillians about why they do what they do — and how their work influences the way they see the world. Most of these interviews happened in front of a live audience.

  • Writing About Life, Death And Grief In The South
    New York Times columnist Margaret Renkl felt betrayed after her mother’s unexpected death. Then she started looking around.
  • What Is Love?
    Three people who think deeply about romance — searching for it, keeping it and ending it amicably — dissect those fuzzy feelings that can lead to such meaning and heartache.
  • The Disrupter
    Five decades after Rip Patton rode to Montgomery as a Freedom Rider, he looks back on his role as a “disrupter” — sitting, standing and singing to make major societal change.
  • Where Does Creativity Come From?
    A songwriter, poet and public artist discuss how they harness their creative instincts, one piece of work at a time.

Curious Nashville

I was one of the founding producers of Curious Nashville, a show that investigates questions from listeners about their city, from the quirky to the serious.

Live Podcasting Events

In 2017, I had been producing Movers & Thinkers for two years, bringing younger and more diverse audiences into the station to watch live interviews. But I wanted all of our podcasts to engage with our audiences in person. With the help of my colleagues at Nashville Public Radio, I started producing an annual theater production that adapted each of the station’s podcasts to the stage.

Over the next three years, nearly 1,000 people would attend Podcast Party to see dance performances, puppet shows, live interviews, and other multimedia forms of live podcasting.