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Selected radio stories 

WPLN News | Investigation: Delays And Confusion Before Flood Death At Cummins Falls State Park
Why was a long-awaited flood warning system not in place when a toddler was swept away? Winner of a 2020 Tennessee Associated Press award for continuing coverage.

Marketplace | Tobacco Farmers See Green In indigo
Tobacco is still the biggest cash crop in many Tennessee farmers’ fields. But some are experimenting with a new, cleaner alternative: organic indigo.

All Things Considered | Even When College Is Free, It Can Be Hard For Adults To Stay In School
With no tuition, taking the plunge to enroll seems remarkably easy for adults in Tennessee. But persisting through the other barriers are just as hard as ever.

WPLN News | For Young Middle Tennessee Students, The Solar Eclipse May Become Their Earliest Memory In School
When the eclipse hit totality, first-graders took their glasses off and began to cheer at the moon. Winner of a 2018 regional Edward R. Murrrow for Excellence in Sound.

Weekend Edition | Restaurant Sets An Empty Table For Chattanooga Shooting Victims
The day after a gunman kills five people in Chattanooga, friends and strangers grieve together in an unusual place. Winner of a 2016 PRNDI award for nationally edited breaking news.

WPLN News | After Years Of Division, Nashville’s Ethiopian Churches Gather To Mark Reconciliation
How political rifts 12,000 miles away affects a community’s religious practices at home.

WPLN News | Indie Classical Music? It Exists, And One Nashville Tech Startup Is Trying To Save It
A now-defunct software startup tried to make it easier for classical musicians to share their work. Winner of a 2016 regional Edward R. Murrrow for Excellence in Writing.

Morning Edition | Overcrowding Forces Tennessee VA Clinic To Stop Accepting New Patients
The result of five months of reporting, sifting through data, and tracking down veterans and officials shows that the VA’s clinic in Clarksville is at the center of a perfect storm.

WHYY’s The Pulse | Discovering new diseases on a diagnostic odyssey
For people with genetic diseases so rare that they don’t even have a name, this might be their last hope.

WPLN News | For Charlotte Avenue’s Auto Shops, A Choice Between Continuing On And Cashing Out
To understand Nashville’s rapid development, drive down one of the city’s main corridors, where longtime family businesses are making emotional — but often lucrative — decisions.