As an editor, I have experience working with reporters and producers on longform audio (narrative and interview-based shows), investigative reporting, and audio feature reporting. The links on this page represent some of my favorite stories I’ve edited.

Longform Audio

My goal with each podcast episode is to hook a listener from the opening line to the credits. To that end, I’m a big fan of using storyboarding to think of structure in creative ways, and checking in after each interview to make sure that we’re filling in gaps in reporting. I see the relationship between an editor and producer as one where conversations are lively and open, and the best ideas rise to the top.

Investigative Reporting

I help reporters make compelling and understandable narratives out of deep investigative reporting, especially related to law and criminal justice. As the local editor on a Nashville Public Radio collaboration with ProPublica, I helped to streamline communication and layers of editing between various stakeholders. On another project, I worked with a reporter to tell a complicated but unbelievable story of a man who’d been released from prison and told to return. Together we shaped a final product that captured his emotional journey, taught our listeners criminal justice law and fit into six-minute slot on air.

Feature Reporting

One of the most satisfying parts of being an editor is helping reporters figure out how find their authentic voice on air. That might mean helping a reporter convey the joy, through writing and sound, of discovering a new student mariachi band. Or working with a reporter on a highly personal follow-up to a health care investigation about his own family’s experience with the hospice care industry. Especially in audio journalism, voice and emotion can elevate a well-reported story to something that will resonate with listeners longterm.