A sense of adventure

I mean, check out those Cliffs of Moher, right? The western coast of Ireland is beautiful.

“What are you most excited about for Ireland?” multiple friends have asked me in recent days. We leave in less than 24 hours now, so the trip has been part of every recent conversation.

I’ve struggled to answer that question. How can I pinpoint one thing? Sure, there are individual things I’m looking forward to. Hiking along the western coast of Ireland. Hanging out in Neolithic monuments. Buying an epic raincoat.

But mostly? I’m just looking forward to building a slice of our lives there. To making friends and finding our favorite cafes, and to going on weekend trips and feeling the thrill of constant discovery.

I’m most excited, I suppose, for a new state of mind, for living more with a sense of adventure.

I’ll be posting about musings on my travels and on the research I’m doing for the Fulbright. Thanks to Rebecca Schlesinger, who has come up with the names for all of my travel blogs since I was 20, including this one.

3 thoughts on “A sense of adventure”

  1. Marvelous! I can hardly wait! Finding a really great cafe in a new place is like discovering a tiny treasure for me. Sending you both off with millions of good wishes.

  2. I just saw a TV program (CNN). Italian food in London with Stanley Tucci. Very interesting. You may want to see the program before you go to London.

  3. The link, Neolithic monuments, led to a very interesting reading about Newgrange, which I knew nothing about — older than Stonehenge. I hope you’ll give us a long report when you visit it.

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