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While we're looking at this picture, did you see the NPR 2013 fall intern video? It's pretty fantastic.

While we’re looking at this picture, did you see the NPR 2013 fall intern video? It’s pretty fantastic.

On Friday morning, for exactly 40 seconds at about 5:06 a.m. EST, I was on NPR for the first time.

Which radio stations, I don’t know. If I understand the process correctly, I think many public radio stations start playing Morning Edition at 5:05, so it’s likely that my voice wasn’t on your local member station. But still, I did it. And here’s proof.

There’s a certain high you get the first time you see your name in print, in a physical newspaper, on a page that can’t disappear. There’s a finality to it that makes you feel as if you’re reading the work of a successful stranger with a familiar name.  You feel quite accomplished, much more so than you actually are when you publish your first article.

That’s how I felt listening to this slightly stilted voice say “Emily Siner, NPR News, Washington”: a first-time high that makes me want to go back to the recording booth and actually become as accomplished as that young woman on the radio. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for NPR.org and getting to put my print skills to use on a successful online platform — but I’m excited to continue to learn on the radio side in the future.

NPR work in review

I’m in the process of updating my site (please admire my new design!) and will have a nicer page for all my work. But for now, browse through these stories I’ve written in the past few months.

  1. Week That Was: Smart Fridge Hack, Net Neutrality And The NSA, Jan. 17
  2. First Union Vote At An Amazon Warehouse In The U.S. Fails, Jan. 16
  3. Bitcoin Takes Stage In Texas Senate Campaign, Jan. 10
  4. Tech Week That Was: CES, T-Mobile CEO And Predictions For 2014, Jan. 10
  5. How To Make Your Face (Digitally) Unforgettable, Jan. 9
  6. It’s So Cold That You Might Need A Sweater To Read This, Jan. 7
  7. Holiday Innovation: Tweet At Your Christmas Tree To Light It Up, Dec. 24
  8. A Jew And A Latino Walk Into A Recording Studio…, Dec. 20
  9. Innovation Wishlist: The Best Ideas You Sent In This Year, Dec. 18
  10. Tornado Victims Find Snapshots Of Solace In Far-Flung Photos, Dec. 14
  11. The ‘Digital Lollipop’: You Can Literally Taste The Innovation, Dec. 10
  12. Economists Toast 20 Years Of NAFTA; Critics Sit Out The Party (graph), Dec. 8
  13. Tech Week That Was: #NPRBlacksInTech, Amazon’s Buzz On Drones, Dec. 6
  14. U.S. Flags Lowered For Mandela, A Rare Honor For Foreign Leaders, Dec. 6
  15. Sluggish Start To Holiday Sales May Mean More Price Cuts, Dec. 2
  16. Alleged Perils Of Left-Handedness Don’t Always Hold Up, Dec. 2
  17. Illinois Judge Allows Same-Sex Couple To Wed Before Law Takes Effect, Nov. 26
  18. Want A File From The NSA? You Can Ask, But You Might Not Get It, Nov. 23
  19. JPMorgan Chase Will Pay $13 Billion In Record Settlement (sidebar), Nov. 19

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