In Pork We Trust

About 12 years ago, Champaign, Ill., resident Laurence Mate discovered charcuterie, the art of cooked meat. He now cooks any meat that’s available in central Illinois, from geese to lamb to beef to buffalo, but his particular passion is the pig. In charcuterie lingo, the pig is considered king: Almost every part of the animal can be cooked and eaten — unless, of course, you keep Kosher, in which case the animal is completely worthless nutritionally. (Ironically, Mate’s wife is Jewish, although I believe, and hope for the sake of their marriage, that she eats pork.)

Click below to see an interactive pig that I made using Adobe Audition, Illustrator and Flash. In Flash, I learned and used ActionScript to code the pig’s responsive elements.

The accompanying story, which was published in Champaign-Urbana’s online magazine, Smile Politely, can be found here. A full-page spread, which I designed using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, can be found here.

Click here for the interactive pig

Click here to see the interactive pig. Opens in new window.

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