A photo-shoe-t

Let’s say hello to two new pairs of shoes in my wardrobe!

I stumbled upon a vintage clothing store while lost in Aix and saw the coolest burgundy heels with gold accents. I tried them on — and they fit me perfectly, Cinderella-style. I was, if I may make a pun, pumped. (Get it?) I wore them recently to the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco and felt very vintage classy the whole night. However, it turns out that these dream-come-true glass slippers become vices on my feet after a few hours. I’ll have to find some French Dr. Scholl’s insoles before I wear them again…

The second pair, the lace-up wedges, I bought on a whim a few days ago. Yesterday was the last day of sales in Aix, so I’d been doing last-minute bargain buying all weekend. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to walk in them either — cobblestone streets are all the rage here — but at least I’ll be able to enjoy the view of my feet when I’m stranded on the medieval sidewalks.

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