Ten Days (Dix Jours)

You must know about the ten-day phenomenon.

When a big life change is ten days away, it seems like it might never happen. Ten days from today is the end — the END — of next week. That’s practically decades away, and so, you think, there’s no need to start preparing for it yet.

Little by little, the minutes trickle away. And then hours. And then, before you know it, it’s T minus eight days until you leave for France for four months (shoot, I need to fill out my insurance forms) and then six days (do I have the right luggage to start packing?)  and four days (can I still make a hair appointment?) and two (I really should have started packing a while ago) and then VROOM goes the airplane out of O’Hare, and it suddenly doesn’t matter whether you filled out the forms or have the proper luggage or got your hair cut or remembered to bring your retainer, because you are on a flight out of this country whether you like it or not.

That will happen to me in ten days.

But hey, there’s no need to start preparing for it yet.

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