Movers & Thinkers live at Podcast Party. Photo by Stephen Jerkins / WPLN

In 2015, Emily launched Nashville Public Radio’s first podcast: Movers & Thinkers. Each episode starts as a live event, during which she interviews three Nashvillians who share a common theme in front of a live audience. She also serves as an editor on the station’s other podcasts, including Curious Nashville and Neighbors.

Movers & Thinkers

#9: How Crisis Responders Keep Calm Under Pressure
A trauma surgeon, police chaplain and crisis PR expert talk about making life-altering decisions on a moment’s notice. “I can physically feel myself get calmer … as people get crazier.”

#7: Where Does Creativity Come From?
A songwriter, poet and public artist discuss how they harness their creative instincts. “My best ideas … sprung from themselves and forced their way into my life.”

Praise for Movers & Thinkers:

  • “A podcast that Nashville can be proud of” — The Contributor
  • “Emily Siner’s bringing together the movers, the thinkers and the community” — Poynter
  • “It drives people into a deeper relationship with the station” — Nieman Lab
  • Winner of a 2016 PRNDI award for best podcast

Curious Nashville

A Nashville Tombstone Mystery
Why is there a gravestone in the Nashville City Cemetery with an epitaph that reads, ominously, “She turned from bloodkin”? 

The Year Jimi Hendrix Jammed On Jefferson Street
What Jimi Hendrix’s time in North Nashville tells us about the city’s most prominent African-American neighborhood. Emily was the lead editor on this story.

Praise for Curious Nashville:

  • “I can’t recommend it highly enough.” — Nashville Scene
  • Winner of a regional Edward R. Murrow award for “Excellence in Innovation”
  • Winner of a 2017 PRNDI award for best podcast

Podcast Party

In the spring of 2017, Emily approached her bosses with an idea for a live show: a whimsical adaptation of each of the station’s four podcasts. Miraculously, they agreed. And miraculously, the show came together in less than two months.

More than 400 people attended Podcast Party to see a taping of Movers & Thinkers, a live performance of Neighbors, Curious Nashville-themed puppet show, and a poetry reading with avant-garde accompaniment from Versify. The success of Podcast Party, featured in Hot Pod, shows that it’s possible for small stations to take on big podcast-centered live events.